Family Photo-shoot in the City 

The Britz-van Heerden Family photo-shoot

Recently this stunning family joined Cheeky Cherub in the Maboneng precinct for their family photo-shoot. Vicky is a mother of two handsome young boys – AJ and Max. She had a City themed photo shoot in mind for her boys. We had the pleasure of having the boys Granny’s and grandpa join us for some pictures as well.

The youngest boy, Max was a sleepy little man when he arrived for the photo-shoot. However after seeing his family having a great time he became more interested in joining us and posing for the camera. We were spoiled for choice with spots for creative photos in this arty location.

Vicky spotted the brown Mercedes as we were walking to the car and we captured these shots of Max checking out the vintage old Merc in all of its glory. The fact that his brown corduroys matched the vehicle made these captures so much more effective and they are some of my favorites from this family photo-shoot, some of many.

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