Ava’s Smash Cake

A shy little princess and a cake to smash

Baby Ava celebrated her first birthday in June. Her mother, Sandra is a friend of ours from play group, so I am lucky to have been able to see Ava grow over the last few terms at Baby Bright Stars. Sandra asked us if we could do a “Smash Cake Shoot” for Ava, so naturally Cheeky Cherub wanted to make it extra special for her. We custom made the pink and gold girly fans for her backdrop and made her a beautiful cake to match the theme.

Ava like most girls was very delicate and shy when faced with her cake. She needed a bit of encouragement to gain interest and even still the soft sponge and delicious layers of pink frosting did not peak her interest. Instead Ava found her excitement in some playing blocks she found in the room. Never the less, we just love how her custom designed “Smash Cake Shoot” turned out.

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